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2021 Awards Recipients

BLS Provider of the Year

Caroline Wockner, EMT, Red White & Blue Fire District
  • “An example for all EMTs to follow”.
  • Wildland firefighter
  • 154 medical responses in the last year including multiple high acuity calls. Paramedics praise her assessment skills, bedside manner, and willingness to participate in
  • Led webinars for residents on wildland fire preparedness
  • Led a firefighter academic class for new hires
  • Teaches EMT classes at CMC
  • Completed prerequisites for Paramedic school

ALS Provider of the Year

Andy Heyne, Paramedic, Red, White & Blue Fire District

  • “A workhorse of our EMS response at RW&B”
  • An employee for 8 years, ski patrol background
  • Greatest attributes are “intelligence, a positive attitude, and work ethic”.
  • 110 medical responses in the last year: Highlights: 2 complete recoveries for Cardiac arrest
  • Lead provider for multiple Covid-19 patients, some very acutely ill. Showed bravery during this
  • Helped get all BLS staff IV certified, requiring a challenging logistic effort
  • Teaches EMT and IV classes for CMC
  • Serves as an acting Fire captain, member of SAR Paramedics, and is a field training officer.

Community Professional of the Year

David Miller, Community Paramedic, Eagle County Paramedics

  • Instrumental in delivering care to COVID-19 positive patients in their homes
  • Community Paramedics experienced a 90% call volume increase in
  • In partnership with EVBH, was instrumental in launching a new program placing naloxone in homes to address opioid addiction. The program also helps provide patients with treatment and
  • This program helped some of the most vulnerable patients receive care that they needed and reduced the burden on the community
  • In addition to his regular schedule and duties, took on more leadership during

Emergency RN of the Year

Elizabeth Kruger, RN, Trauma Program Manager, Vail Health Hospital

  • TPM at VHH for less than two years and has already been instrumental in education and up-to-date trauma
  • Arranged trauma simulations, updated practices and policies, and is very knowledgeable with introducing
  • Brings a “sense of humor that makes learning (and mistakes) “
  • Calmly helps staff with procedures, including REBOA
  • Stays late at night to help care for
  • “We are lucky at Vail Health to have such a fun and intelligent TPM for staff, physicians, EMS and ultimately for our patients”.

Annual/Variable category: EMS Agency of the Year

Eagle County Paramedics Services

  • Nominated for their “Incredible, community-wide impact they made during the epidemic, but also for the continued and tireless efforts maintained throughout the past year”.
  • Eagle County was one of the 1st and hardest hit with
  • Took a proactive approach to the pandemic including activating the emergency preparedness plan, securing PPE, and coordinating communication
  • Proactively hired and trained 16 members of ski patrol for a surge crew. The surge but stayed on call for the
  • Took a creative approach to reusable PPE
  • Kept staff members safe during COVID-19
  • Offered critical care inter-facility transport to surrounding areas
  • Community Paramedics program went into homes for COVID-19 patients
  • Use community resource navigators to support patients’ needs, including behavioral health.